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Achilles Olives” are cultivated in the slopes of Mount “Othrys” located in the Prefecture of Fthiotida (Ancient Greek: Fthia). According to Greek mythology Mount Othrys was the base of Cronos and Titans during the ten-year war against the Olympian Gods, known as the Titanomachy. It was also the birthplace of the elder gods, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon.

Ancient Fthia was the homeland and the kingdom of Achilles. Achilles was the leader of the Myrmidones (also referred as Hellenes which means Greeks) in Trojan War as described in Homer’s Iliad. The Trojan War dates back to the 12th or 11th centuries BC. During this time Linear B was used for writing, the earliest attested form of Greek. The logo of our company “Achilles Olives” is the ideogram of the Olive in Linear B.


With a true love for olives and tradition of seven generations in agricultural production, we collect the olives in limited production from the olive groves in the slopes of Mount Othrys in Fthiotida. The olive groves are located close to grandparents’ farmhouse and a natural spring.

The olives are ripen naturally in a strictly controlled cultivation and harvested exclusively by hand. The olives are processed fresh within 24 hours of their collection. Following 100% natural processing including the packaging, we can offer a unique and exceptional natural taste and quality.


Achilles Olives” processing is made through a 100% natural fermentation process lasting at least 6 months, during which all factors have been optimized to achieve optimal fermentation and an excellent retail product. This process is achieved by using only natural sea salt and natural water, while throughout their treatment from harvesting to packaging the olives do not undergo any chemical or thermal treatment, with no additives or preservatives. This process makes “Achilles Olives” unique, preserving their high nutritional and tasting value, contributing to a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Since the beginning… 100% Natural Olives

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Olives without chemicals, additives, preservatives or thermal treatment

Olives with high Nutritional and Organoleptic properties, contributing to a healthy Mediterranean diet